Design Initiatves


There is nothing better than hearing that your design work is making an impact on people's lives and businesses. Here are some of my favorites;

Client: Melissa and Tony of Timesavers Bookkeeping & Budgeting, LLC, Columbus, Ohio

"I had to call and tell you how happy we are with the new logo. We've had it now for a few months and people keep remarking on how great it is and ask us where we had it done. I need some of your business cards to start handing out!"

Client: GEAR UP New England conference attendees

"You [Jenny] really designed everything here? It all looked so professional we thought that you had hired a large graphic design firm to create the media for the conference. The programs, invitations, posters, table decorations, everything is phenomenal!"

Client: Shana of Can Do Massage for You

"Jenny Hartung, Graphic Designer Extraordinaire, worked patiently with me to create the perfect logo that reflects my work. The logo alone speaks for what I do, so less of an actual explanation is actually required, which both my clients and I are impressed with. Around this logo, we worked together further to create complimentary business cards, coupons, gift certificates, and postcards, which creates a consistent branding of my business. As we know, most potential clients need to be presented with with your offer three times before it actually registers. With an impressive and unique logo, I have found it may take less than the three times. Next Jenny and I are tackling the most intensive piece to the whole reflection of me - the website, which again will be based around my beautiful logo! I am confident that we will make this amazing also - and my clients are excited to see this too!"

Client: Annalisa of Floral Elements

"The site looks amazing-you've done such a great job!! I am very pleased with the look and feel of the site. I think you really captured what I was going for-I really like all the colors you have chosen-thank you so much!!!!!!"