Design Initiatves


Q: How much will my website cost to maintain?

A: This depends on your website goals. A domain name purchased through Design Initiatives costs $15/year and hosting is usually between $99-$200/year. You might decide to hire Design Initiatives on an hourly basis to make updates throughout the year or you may decide to do these yourself.

Q: How long does it take to complete my site and get it online?

A: If you have all your materials together, you website can be up and running in less than two-three weeks.

Q: How many images can I have?

A: Design Initiatives will normally prepare up to 20 images used in the design of your website. If you sign up for a free Picasa Web Albums account you can stream unlimited photo albums onto your website.

Q: What is "branded e-mail"?

A: Branded e-mail is a term used to describe the e-mail address that you will receive when you sign up for your account. For example, if your web address is: your e-mail can be Copies of all e-mail from this account can be forwarded to any other e-mail address of your choice.

Q: Can I update my website myself?

A: Yes. When your site is completed Jenny will give you a tutorial on how to make updates on your own and provide video instructions.

Q: What is search engine submission?

A: After your website is launched, we submit your website's information to Google. We will also validate your site through the Google validation process.

Q: What are website statistics and how do I check them?

A: Website statistics track the number of visitors to your site, where they are coming from, which pages they visit and how long they stay at your site. Site statistics also allow you to compare traffic on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. To check your sites statistics look at our statistics tutorial.

Q: How do I transfer an existing website to DI updating services?

A. We will lead you through this easy service.

Q: How do I get the website design process started?

A: If you know what you need or have question for us you can either
contact us by e-mail or give us a call at (207) 491-1703 if you would like more information on our packages and the website creation process.

Q: I just need help setting up an Etsy/Facebook/Twitter etc. account, can you help me with this?

A: Of course! Jenny will work with you on-on-one to set up any online account at her hourly rate of $45/hour.

Have another question? E-mail us at